2018年8月13日 星期一

Private universities which had difficult financial outlook to stop student admission and to disperse school incorporation- the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

Recently the NHK News On-line reported the following:
経営難の私立大は募集停止や学校法人解散に 文科省
2018731 422







As the number of private universities that had severe management problem was increasing, when the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology could confirm the danger of an excessive debt in these universities, it would give notification by providing directives such as the stopping of student recruitment, and the dismissal of school incorporation.

Due to the influence of a low birthrate, at present among the approximately 600 private universities in the whole country approximately 40% fell below the schools quota on the number students recruited, and the situation became severe for the management. For that the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology would notify the management by giving out directives and to involve itself with such private universities.

In the case that a university management had started with a deficit for the first 3 years continuously in which a borrowing loan became substantially bigger than its deposit, then based on an improved management plan etc. submitted by this university, a committee of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology would supposedly give an advice to them to improve up to a period 3 more years.

But if the management still could not improve, and a danger of falling into an excessive debt was confirmed, it was supposed that a directive would be given to stop student recruitment and to dismiss the school incorporation.

Prof. Masayuki Kobayashi of the University of Tokyo’s consolidated university education research center who was conversant with university management said that “On top of the fact that private school grant were inputs from tax, a country has to do guidance and advice. On the one hand the educational problem is different from management, and the autonomy of a university should be respected. The wish of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology to have a uniform guidance will exactly be the problem."

So, the Ministry of Education in Japan has a hard time in dealing with those private universities that have difficulties in continuing with their operations.

2018年8月8日 星期三

Tourist accommodation in Hiroshima and Okayama: 280,000 people canceled reservation, income decreased by 5,500 million yen

Recently the NHK News On-line reported the following:
広島と岡山の宿泊施設 予約キャンセル28万人 55億円減収
2018725 1426








After a record torrential downpour occurred in Hiroshima-ken and Okayama-ken, the people who canceled accommodation reservation had reached approximately 280,000 people in total by estimation, and it was expected that their income would decrease by about 5,500 million yen.

After a record torrential downpour occurred in Hiroshima-ken and Okayama-ken, some of the accommodation in hotels and Japanese-style inns in the prefecture were picked out to investigate the situation so as to estimate the number of cancellation in the whole prefecture.

As a result, regarding that number of reservation cancellation in Hiroshima-ken approximately 180,000 people canceled reservation in 800 facilities while in Okayama-ken approximately 100,000 people canceled reservation at 749 facilities. Together at both prefectures it was found out that the total reached approximately 280,000 people.

Regarding the decreased income, it was about 4,500 million yen in Hiroshima-ken and of about 1,000 million yen in Okayama-ken, all together it was believed to reach about 5,500 million yen.

According to Okayama-ken, the number of the people who visited the senic area in Kurashiki-shi, which was about 10 kilometers away from Kurashiki-shi Mabi-cho that had a torrential downpour causing big damage, the people who visited the key cultural facilities went down by more than half compared with the same time last year. It was said that the area with no torrential downpour directly had also suffered.

At Hiroshima and Okayama two prefectures, the main tourist spots of these prefectures were mostly running as usual, and as it was supposed that there were no troubles to do sightseeing, home page and information sent by SNS were used to strengthen support to the sightseeing trade.

So tourism in Japan was affected by the heavy rain and bad weather. I hope it will recover soon.

2018年8月3日 星期五

Long-term interest rate - the national debt yield also dropped after the Bank of Japan introduced new measures

Recently the NHK News On-line reported the following:
長期金利 国債利回りは日銀の新措置後も低下
2018731 1804






About the market of national debt on the 31st, the Bank of Japan at a financial policy decision meeting had decided to approve a certain level of rise in the fixed long-term interest rate, yet at the same time there was no change in that it would continue easing the financial situation in large-scale; the national debt were being bought and the long-term interest rate fell.

The national debt market on the 31st, in response to the decision of the financial policy meeting of the Bank of Japan, entering the afternoon there was a strongthening movement to buy Japanese government bond, and the price of the national debt rose.

A relation existed in that when the price of national debt rose, the interest yield would fall. The national debt of the ten-year maturity period, as an index of the typical long-term interest rate, fell by 0.045 % to stay at 0.045% for a short moment compared with the rate before meeting decisions were released.

Some people related to the market said that “as the desired target of the long-term interest rate now set to about 0 % at present may be increased, based on that observation the government bonds were being sold at this time, and the interest rate went up. But upon hearing the outcome of the financial policy meeting decision in that there would be no changes in continuing with a large-scale credit easing, it was widely accepted and a movement to repurchase national debt was strengthened."

So the Bank of Japan is closely monitoring changes in the price government bonds.

2018年7月28日 星期六

IMF: The growth rate of Japan and Europe was revised downward - "possibly reaching a global economy corner"

Recently the NHK News On-line reported the following:
IMF 日欧の成長率を下方修正世界経済曲がり角の可能性”
2018717 1526









On global economy IMF, the International Monetary Fund revised downwards the economic growth rate of European and Japan this year in its latest report, and pointed out that there was a possibility that global economy was at a turning point. Furthermore, the United States trade frictions with other countries could become a brake on the global economy, and showed a conservative view point.

IMF announced a forecast on the latest global economy, and analyzed that the the growth rate of this year's Japanese GDP= gross domestic product would stop at 1% because of weak consumption, and revised downward 0.2 points from a prediction 3 months ago.

Also Euro area was lowered by 0.2 points to 2.2%, and the United States with the effect of a large-scale tax reduction would stand at 2.9% without changes.

Furthermore, about Japan and Europe, after doing some analyses IMF pointed out that there was a possibility that the grow-up pacing seemed to have reached a peak already and that the expanded global economy was facing a turning point.

It also pointed out that American Trump government’s trade friction with other countries from now on could escalate and became a brake on global economy, a more careful than before point of view was indicated.

Furthermore, IMF assumed that following the trade friction there was a possibility that suddenly the exchange rate would fluctuate seriously and damaged the stability of the financial market.

IMF was asking the developing countries which tended to be influenced by the market to combine their fiscal policy, finance and exchange policy to prepare for any sudden fluctuation in exchange.


2018年7月22日 星期日

"To leave the curry in cooking pot”- half of the people had the right knowledge on food poisoning measure

Recently the NHK News On-line reported the following:
「カレーを鍋のまま保存」が半数 正しい知識で食中毒対策を
2018713 1157




これについて栄養学が専門で東京 渋谷にある服部栄養専門学校助教授の安保有利子さんは「カレーのようにとろみがあって冷めにくい食品の場合は、容器に小分けにすると早く冷やすことができる」と指摘しています。





While there was a fear on the occurrence of food poisoning in hot seasons, according to a questionnaire survey done in Tokyo-to, the number of people who left the curry in the cooking pot as it was after cooking went up to near half; it became clear that there was a lack of understanding in measures on food poisoning, there was a call for specialists to talk about the basic correct measures.

According to a web questionnaires conducted this year targeting at adult men and women in the Metropolitan area who did cooking at home more than once a week, among the 1000 people, it was said that the number of people who kept curry in the cooking pot overnight, keeping it in the pot at room temperature, or at a refrigerator went up to 46.2%.

According to an experiment in a healthy safe research center in the capital, for 1 gram of cooked curry there were 1000 food poisoning bacteria. To leave it in the room temperature to let it cool, 5 hours later, the bacteria would increase to more than 1,000,000, when lowering the temperature rapidly within 2 hours, it was said that food poisoning bacteria would not multiply within 5 hours.

About this, Anpo Yūrishi as a nutrition expert and the assistant professor of Hattori nutritional college in Tokyo Shibuya pointed out that "When there is something thick like curry which was difficult to cool down, it could be subdivided and thus can cool down early."

On top of that, in the so-called "curry stayed overnight", Welsh fungus food poisoning bacteria which disliked air were easy to increase. When heating it up again, not to use the microwave, but to mix it well in a cooking pot so as to let air's oxygen go into it. It was important to heat it evenly.

On the other hand, while over half of the people asked by the Tokyo-to questionnaire had supposed pickled plum's preventive measures over the food poisoning, but because actually the antibacterial effect was limited to around the pickled plum, Ms. Anbo was recommending that pickled plum be mixed with all the rice in a box lunch etc.

Ms. Anbo was calling that "I want you to avoid food poisoning risk by keeping  the right knowledge to yourself and taking effective measures."

          私はカレーが大好きです。 このエッセーは食中毒を避ける方法を教えてくれました。

2018年7月19日 星期四

For the first time Japan and EU would institutionalize that one could also have an academic degree from a university in the overseas studying location

Recently the NHK News On-line reported the following:
留学先の大学からも学位もらえます 日本とEU 初の制度化へ
201874 2042








It was found out that a system that an academic degree could also be given from a university in the overseas location of studying, on top of the one from one’s own country, was established between Japan and the EU for students who studied abroad; and final adjustments were being made.

Hayashi the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in order to plan for promoting an exchange of human resources with the EU, visited Hungary on the 6th local time to talk with the Nabula Chi Chi the commissioner who took charge of education in the EU, this was made clear from a mutual press statement plan announced after the meeting.

According to that, between Japan and the 28 countries which joined EU, regarding the student who studied abroad it was supposed that a new system would be established that one could also receive an academic degree from a university in the studying abroad location on top of one’s own country.

It also supposed to establish a system to make sure that both national universities could give the academic degree jointly.

Specifically in the wide field of the universe and the medical treatment etc., "common programs" might be developed with recruitment in universities in Japan and the EU. It was said that the students who participated in this program would be the target of the new system, and now final agreements were being adjusted between Japan and the EU.

While there were cases in which an academic degree was also be given by a university in the overseas studying location, it was being performed independently between universities. This was the  first time that such arrangement was institutionalized by the Japanese Government, and it was said that it was also the first time that EU did this with a country outside its area.

   So, the academic connection between Japan and EU would be further enhanced.

2018年7月14日 星期六

Tax exemption for foreigners visiting Japan was expanded from today

Recently the NHK News On-line reported the following:
訪日外国人向け免税 きょうから拡充
201871 2201




制度の拡充に合わせて、東京 銀座にある免税店では、先週から日本語や中国語で新しい制度を知らせるポスターを張り出すなどして周知を図っていました。




 Starting from the 1st, tax-free system in consumption tax for foreign travelers visiting Japan was expanded. The division of targeted goods enforced up to now would be lifted, and when the amount of purchase was more than 5000 yen in total, it would be the eligible for duty-free; the government had the idea of linking it to increasing the foreign traveler's consumption.

Up to now under the tax-free system in taxation, the targeted goods were divided into two types, the home electronics and clothes were "general items” while cosmetics and food were etc. were “consumables items”; when a foreign traveler didn't buy more than 5000 yen respectively in each shopping, it would not be eligible to tax exemption.

Regarding this, because there was successive voice from foreign travelers saying that the system "is incomprehensible", from the 1st of this month the government discarded the 2 divisions; when buying more than 5000 yen, whichever list of articles you had bought would be eligible for a taxation exemption.

According to this institutional expansion, at the duty-free shop in Tokyo Ginza, since last week, aiming at making publicity, among other things posters in Japanese and Chinese were put up which talked about the new system.

The people in charge in a duty-free shop said that “so far there are cases that when visitors come to the billing, they would stop buying when they found out that they were not duty-free targeted items; it's expected that shopping would become easy in the new system."

According to a sightseeing agency, the average expenditure per foreign traveler had decreased continuously for 2 years and it was assumed that the government would like to expand consumption through a new tax-free system.

              So, the new taxation arrangement would attract more purchases by foreign travelers.